One of two projects created as part of a commission from The Atlantic Philanthropies in association with the Magnum Foundation. The aim of the commission was to document the impact of The Atlantic Philanthropies funding in Ireland and Northern Ireland for the 'Laying Foundations for Change' book and website.

We were asked to visit the Mercer’s Institute for Successful Ageing, which received funding to enable a number of research projects and the development of a new state of the art facility. Through discussions with staff and independent research it was decided the Local Asset Mapping Project (L.A.M.P.) would be interesting to document due to its links to other research projects and its connections to the local community. The project aims to catalogue all amenities in the catchment area of St James Hospital (Mercer's parent facility) to enable the creation of very detailed and personalised care plans for patients, so not only can the patient be recommended to exercise or eat a certain type of food but they can be given a variety of local options which will allow these recommendations to be followed.

With the project still collecting the necessary data the final series of photographs focusses primarily on the environment and members of communities within the catchment area of the project. It’s hoped this approach will give viewers a better sense of where and who is being helped by the funding of such projects.